General Info

I am Marius, or you can call me Carpenter MJ, a reliable provider of carpentry and home improvement services in the United Kingdom. My services cover residential and industrial carpentry, in areas in and around London, Plumstead, and Eltham, Woolwich.

I deliver professional and well-ordered carpentry and refurbishment services. You can come to me for any construction and repair project, be it a simple home repair or a major property renovation. My main goal is to become your go-to provider for all your property improvement needs.

Your Professional and Friendly Carpentry Expert

As Carpenter MJ, I specialise in all aspects of carpentry, kitchen design, bathroom refurbishments, woodwork, remodelling, and decoration. I also offer commissioned bespoke solutions for unique client needs.

My extensive knowledge and experience in the carpentry and construction trade allow me to create customised solutions based on my clients’ input and requirements. Also, I strive to complte projects in an efficient and timely manner.

I love my craft and it shows in every successful project I completed. My high-quality work output keeps my happy clients satisfied and coming back to me whenever they need home refurbishment help.

And I am not hard to approach! I highly value my relationships with my customers. Know that I take in every piece of input, idea, suggestion, or feedback and weave them into my work, as much as possible. I always aims to satisfy my clients with my astounding carpentry work, so don’t hesitate to talk to me – I always find a way to accommodate your special needs!

Affordable and Transparent All the Time

I understand the enormous value of your money. Hence, I’ve created a transparency policy where all aspects and expenses incurred in your project are listed down for you to see.

As Carpenter MJ, I believe that every project demands high-quality building materials. I do not compromise on the material quality, just to cut down costs – I believe, cheap isn’t always the best way to go. Instead, what I do is find ways to economise while keeping the balance of quality and savings. That’s how I make my services so affordable for my clients.

About the owner

I spearhead Carpenter MJ, and am a capable builder and tradesman with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. I specialise in the following services:
Overall home renovation
Door fitting and installation
Wall treatments for homes and properties
Vintage home remodelling, renovation, and refurbishments
Replacement of home elements such as tiles, sinks, bath, kitchens, and windows
Basic and advanced home repairs and handyman jobs
I have several connections with skilled plumbers, electricians, and construction workers. I have built my network throughout my 20 years (and counting) career. Now, I tap into them to assist me in Carpenter MJ’s larger ventures, such as an overall home renovation or a major vintage remodelling.
Builder Marius ready to work

Free Quotes and No-Obligation Advice

Interested in partnering with me for your property service needs? Simply reach out with your project requirements and I’ll happily provide you expert advice and a quote – at absolutely no charge to you! Visit the Contact page and fill up the short form. My email and phone numbers are also listed there, so feel free to email or ring me anytime. I respond promptly to all enquiries I receive. Exceptional and cost-effective service is what I give my clients here at Carpenter MJ. If you want to experience my quality work, get in touch with me today!
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