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Are you in need of decking installation service in London? No need to worry anymore, because Carpenter MJ can do the job for you! I am a trusted tradesman and I do an excellent job in constructing, installing, repairing, and maintaining decks. Consider me as your all-around deck expert who can do any decking-related job with ease and efficiency!

Why Install a Decking for Your Home?

A deck is a lovely wooden space outside your home. It can either be directly attached to your home or freestanding within your living space area. Most decks are situated in the backyard and primarily serve as an outdoor extension of your home’s living space.

Decks are traditionally used for taking advantage of a certain view. Maybe your home is situated in an area with plenty of lush greens or picturesque scenery. Your home’s deck can be an excellent viewing area for all these purposes.

Nowadays, decks can serve the following purposes:
As a major part of gardens and landscapes
Used as a place for entertaining guests
A lovely venue for outdoor gatherings or parties within your home’s vicinity
A place to relax and spend quality time with family members
Created as an alternative to stone-based patios
Lots of modern decks have outdoor kitchens where you can prepare outdoor meals for your family and guests. Some families also have pergolas or coverings installed over the deck, especially if they intend to use the deck as a frequent venue for gatherings and parties. Some decks also have fire pits created with a fire-proof material that separates it from the wooden deck itself.

Many households consider having modern decks designed, created, and installed. Carpenter MJ can help you out with those things. I can work with your design specifications, craft the perfect wooden patio for your home, and install it with ease and proficiency. I can also carry out periodic maintenance work to ensure that your deck stays lovely and eye-catching all the time.

Decking Construction and Installation

Carpenter MJ offers an excellent decking installation service in London, Eltham, Plumstead, and nearby areas. I work on your decking project from start to finish, encompassing all aspects such as decking design, material selection, actual decking creation, installation, and finishing.

Brainstorming and Planning Your Deck Design

I take your design specifications and offer you advice on the best deck designs that’ll complement your home. I take your inputs and merge my expertise to create the most stunning deck for your home. I’ll work with you to explore deck design options and the kind of wood materials or composites to be used. I have over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge about deck designs, so your project is in safe hands!

I also offer assistance in creating blueprints for your decking project. That’s because some counties or cities may require you to submit blueprints to obtain official approval from a planning commission. I’ll help you with my knowledge of zoning laws and residential building codes as much as I can.

Materials Sourcing and Procurement

Once done with the design brainstorming and planning, I’ll dive my nose right into the job. I’ll start by procuring the materials needed to craft your dream home deck. I’ll search and procure the best hardwood, softwood, timber, composites, or a combination of these materials.

My commitment to quality dictates that I never scrimp on your building materials; I believe that cheap isn’t always the best choice. Hence, I provide a transparent breakdown of your materials and assure you that I balance out affordability with quality.

Actual Bespoke Deck Creation and Installation

I then take on the actual deck creation and installation project with gusto and efficiency. I am hardworking and work tirelessly to craft your deck from scratch. The result is a bespoke and fully-customised deck that reflects your unique design ideas and individuality.

Want to add accessories to your deck? Let me know and I’ll include them in the creation process. I’ll take care of the spindles, handrails, newels, balusters, screws, ropes, garden light fixtures, and all other accessories to make your deck functional and pretty! I can also customise the deck for outdoor kitchens and safe fire pits.

I will regularly update you on the work and take in your insights and feedback as we progress along the deck creation process. All these I do to improve your deck and bring your envisioned results to life.

Finishing Touches

My decking installation service in London won’t be complete without finishing touches to your brand-new garden deck! Finishes provide your new deck with a protective layer to shield it from the elements and keep it looking sleek and well-polished.

I’ll guide you in determining whether to use an oil-based or water-based deck finish. Your choice will depend on your preferences and decking needs.

You may also opt not to use any finish at all, especially if you used:
Cedar and redwood, which are rot-resistant wood species
Pressure-treated lumber
These wood materials need good airflow and periodic cleaning to last for decades without having to add finishing over them.

Deck Repair and Maintenance Services

Do you have an existing deck that needs some repair and maintenance? Carpenter MJ is up for the job!

Wooden decks need regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to keep them in tip-top condition. A typical deck with a finish may need refinishing every 3-5 years as well. Hence, deck repair and maintenance services are a must to ensure that your deck stays functional and lovely.

Carpenter MJ can diagnose your deck’s damages and patch them up with long-term solutions. Some of the common deck defects and damages include the following:
Rotting wood
Splinters and cupping/sinking of the wood
Insect damage, especially termite damage
Nails that are popping up and protruding
Moulds and mildew on the deck’s stair steps
Splitting or rotting decking posts
Loose fasteners such as nails, nuts, bolts, and screws
Degrading integrity of essential deck parts such as railings, posts, and stair steps
Discoloured or weathered wood boards
My deck repair and maintenance service also includes repainting or refinishing your deck. This will reseal your deck, make it sleek and good looking, and add an extra layer of tough protection from the elements.

Pressure Washing Services

Carpenter MJ can also provide pressure washing services for your deck. Pressure washing (or power washing) involves using a combination of pressure and water to deeply clean your deck. It can remove dirt and debris build-up in a jiffy.

Pressure washing needs to be done in a professional way to protect your deck wood from damage. Too much pressure or using the washer in the wrong way can lead to deep wood etches, with the fibres of the wood splintering as well. Hence you can entrust pressure washing to the capable hands of Carpenter MJ.

Trust Carpenter MJ to do a magnificent job in decking creation, installation, repair, maintenance, and deep cleaning. My excellent decking installation service in London leaves you with a sparkling new deck that’ll become the newest pride of your home or property!

Get in touch with me today for all your decking needs. Fill up the Contact form, shoot me an email, or ring my phone now. I’ll chat with you about your project requirements and give you a free no-obligation quote spanning my services. Trust me once and I promise to deliver results that’ll keep you satisfied and happy!
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