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The kitchen is one of the most versatile and utilized parts of your home. Your kitchen is the place to be for preparing hearty meals, dining in, having intimate conversations with your family, and teaching your kids how to cook, bake, and wash dishes. Hence, the importance of a lovely and functional kitchen can’t be undermined.

But what if your kitchen suffered some damages in the sink, cabinets, or floorings? Maybe you’re moving into an old home with an outdated kitchen style, and you’d like it to be re-modeled. Or perhaps you’ve acquired a brand-new home and wanted to install your dream kitchen in it. Well, leave your projects to Carpenter MJ and I’ll breathe new life to your kitchen!

Carpenter MJ Kitchen Installation Service in London

Are you in need of a trusty kitchen installation service in London? Carpenter MJ can manage that professionally and promptly!

My kitchen installation services cover everything from fittings, actual installation, replacement of old kitchen units, appliances wiring, and proper debris disposal. I also offer bespoke commissioned kitchen installation, as well as installing kitchen units from providers like Ikea, Sola, Wren, and Magnet.

Want to learn more about my kitchen installation service in London? I have outlined the specifics here:

Kitchen Repairs

I do all sorts of kitchen repair services for any damage to your cabinets, faucets, counter tops, sinks, tiles, and light fixtures. Replacement of parts may be an option if your kitchen damage is quite large and beyond repair.

Let me know which parts of your kitchen are damaged, and I’ll assess them to see if it can still be salvaged. Then I proceed to work, gathering materials and tools to repair your kitchen damages. I can handle both minuscule and huge kitchen repairs as I am a reputable all-around handyman!

Each repair job is handled to the best of my capability. I use high-quality materials in refurbishments to give you peace of mind that your kitchen won’t become easily damaged again in the future. My professional handling and skilled techniques ensure that your kitchen will become functional and more beautiful again in a short time frame.

Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen severely damaged and in need of a complete renovation Carpenter MJ can do just that!

A complete kitchen renovation is among my specialities. I’ll take a good look at your kitchen, then determine all the damages that need attention. I’ll work on each damage while improving the aesthetic design of your kitchen.

What emerges out of my renovation services is a lively and functional kitchen that will surely be a delight to use.

Kitchen Remodelling

Tired of how your kitchen looks already? I offer kitchen remodelling to help refresh and update your kitchen’s design and look!

You may provide me with your intended kitchen look and I’ll work on achieving it. I can also give structural recommendations or design the kitchen if you’re not sure how you’d like your kitchen to appear. I can switch up your kitchen layout to maximize space for your appliances and other kitchen gear.

With 20 years of experience in construction, I know the right designs that will complement your home while looking aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Know that I’ll get the remodelling job right whatever type of kitchen design you want to have. Contemporary, rustic, minimalist, modern – I’ve got it up my sleeves.

Customised Fittings and Installations

Carpenter MJ offers a seamless kitchen installation service in London. I can do customized fittings of kitchen elements such as counter tops, islands, sinks, and cabinets. After fitting, I can install all these elements to finish off your lovely kitchen.

Fitting and kitchen installation service in London includes the following:
Kitchen flooring
Appliance fitting
Tiling for kitchen walls
Lighting fixtures installation
I can also procure and install fitted kitchens for your home. Fitted kitchens are a fast and economical option for kitchen remodels and upgrades. Select from reputable providers such as Howden, Ikea, Magnet, Nobilia, Wren, Sola, and Harvey Jones. Then, leave the fittings and installation to my capable hands!

Appliance Wiring

Every kitchen remodelling or renovation isn’t complete without appliance wiring. Carpenter MJ can carefully plan and execute your appliance wiring.

I make sure your kitchen is electrically sound and safe, with multiple accessible circuits to service your entire kitchen and all your cooking appliances without problems. I strictly adhere to the standards set by the UK Building Regulations 2010 to ensure your utmost safety.

Most wiring circuits in older homes have only two to three circuits on the kitchen. That may not be enough today because of the plethora of electrical kitchen gear you may own and use. Hence, I can update wiring systems in old homes to ensure that they comply with the latest Building Regulations 2010. I’ll check the existing wiring to make sure it’s safe and functional first. Then, I allow them to remain in place and add additional circuits to service your kitchen equipment.

Appliance wiring is no easy feat. It’s best to leave wiring work to the experts to keep your family safe and brush all anxieties and worries away. My expertise, meticulous work, and long years of experience assure you that your kitchen appliance wiring system will always stay safe and highly functional.

Proper Debris Disposal

Who wants clutter while a remodelling or renovation job is ongoing? Well, I certainly don’t. As such, I developed a proper debris disposal system to keep the rubbish away from renovation and repair work out. I work in quick and tidy way so that you can go around with your day at home while I bring your kitchen back to life.

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Carpenter MJ is your go-to tradesman for all kitchen-related jobs. My repairs, remodelling, appliance wiring, and kitchen installation services in London is among the best in the UK. I deliver quick, seamless, and straightforward solutions for all your kitchen construction woes. My promise is backed by years of construction experience and expertise in the craft and trade.

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